Training Analysis Research

Deadline: 19 June 2017

Working in Arab Speaking Countries   3 - 7 July 2017, Prato - Italy

Course information

  • Target group - professionals working in Arab speaking countries or that to have to interact to Arab speaking people. Particular attention will be given to scenarios relevant to international cooperation or humanitarian assistance practitioners.
  • Goal - The course is geared toward jump-starting participants basic passive and active competences in Arabic. 
  • Learning objectives - At the end of the training participants will be able to:
    • Recognize the letters of the Arab alphabet.
    • Start a basic conversation and constructive dialogue with Arab speaking people.
    • Use the most common forms of informal and formal greeting.
    • Use a basic vocabulary relevant for international cooperation and humanitarian assistance practitioners.
    • Use appropriate vocabulary to manage the most common problems e.g. reaching the embassy, finding a doctor, give direction to a taxi driver.
    • Describe the main customs and traditions of Islamic culture.
  • Admission requirements - Motivation, curiosity, reliability. Knowledge of English or Italian.
  • Duration - Course will start at 9.00 am of Monday 3 July and will end at lunchtime of Friday 7 July. Minimum 30 training hours
  • Methodology - Full immersion with use of Arabic as working language throughout the day. Limited vertical lectures will be coupled with advanced interactive techniques. Efficacy of the learning process will be constantly verified.
  • Evening sessions - Late afternoon early evening will be devoted to cultural activities which are comprehensive and embrace a variety of topics, but are also informal and fun.