Training Analysis Research

Content areas

The large network of experts allows 4change to constitute teams of trainers capable of providing effective training on a wide range of subject matter:
Peacekeeping, Human Rights, Humanitarian Assistance, Electoral Assistance and Observation, Human Security, Project Cycle Management, Monitoring and Evaluation, Training of Trainers, Leadership, Teambuilding, Conflict Analysis, Mediation, Negotiation, Safety and Security, Pre-Mission Country Briefing, Stress Management, End Life.

Learning Objectives

General and specific LOs are the core tool to design and develop training and evaluation strategy and to guide the overall implementation of any initiative. Also, they are the cornerstone to assess the level of learning of participants (in term of knowledge, skills and attitude)  as a base to reach the overall goal of the initiative.

The training lead by 4change have some common characteristics

Listening to the needs of the target group is always the starting point of any new initiative. Every training is based on a thorough analysis of the situation and of the learning needs of targeted institution and/or individuals and it is designed and develop accordingly.

Each training follows the different phases of the “Training Cycle” and every initiative undergoes a careful evaluation process to redirect future similar activities.

Target group

4change has developed expertise in delivering training to a variety of target groups. Its tailored made training approach has proved effective in the most diversified settings from corporate environment to non-profit: 
Diplomats, Journalist, Military , Police officers, Correctional Officers, Civil Servants, Private sector personnel, UN and International/Regional organisations personnel, Health Workers, Community Leaders.

Examples of training realized

  • Public speaking: a key tool for succesful leadership. Directed to Kenyan Members of Parliament. (UNITAR 2017)
  • Workshop for Medical Professionals in the Deep South of Thailand: Supporting Mutual Understanding and Violence Reduction (the Rugiagli Initiative, 2013).
  • Outdoor Team building/Leadership activity (SKY TV, 2012).
  • Mission Readiness Briefing for Afghanistan (SKY TV, 2011).
  • Training Course for Short Term Electoral Observers (Oxfam Italia, 2010).