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Deadline: 20 October 2017

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Public speaking is essential in your professional, public and personal life. Presenting  a new idea to your CEO for approval, speaking in a conference about the results of your project or simply making a speech at your best friend wedding  are all situations where some practical tools can help you to make the difference.
Based on over 20 years of experience on experiential learning, 4change training aims at enhancing your own style when speaking to an audience. In a friendly and engaging environment, you will be supported to improve your verbal and non verbal communication; structure your speech;  manage anxiety; be ready for impromptu speeches; engage your audience; respond to challenging questions. 

Barbara Carrai
and Gabriella Arcadu have developed a unique approach to training and coaching based on advanced experiential learning that builds on the skills and competence individuals already possess. Their methodological approach draws from adult learning best practices, leadership theories, breathing and voice control techniques, peer review approaches.

This approach has been successfully tested internationally in Europe, Africa, the Middle East, South East and Central Asia, the Balkans. Participants to Barbara and Gabriella trainings have ranged from newly graduate university students to senior military officers; from NGO activists to members of parliaments to senior civil servants.​​

Course details

Target group - professionals in any field  and career level that in their working life need to effectively deliver information to small and large audiences.

Goal -  Enhance the capacity of the target group in planning and delivering an effective public speech.

Admission requirements - Motivation, curiosity, reliability. Fluency in English.

Admission to the course will follow a first arrived first served policy.

A maximum of 12 participants will be admitted.

Learning objectives - At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the meaning of leadership.
  • Explain the challenges impromptu speeches pose to the speaker.
  • Distinguish among verbal and non verbal communication.
  • Use body language effectively.
  • Explain the impact of emotions on performance.
  • Manage anx
  • Utilise verbal and non verbal good practices in speech delivering.
  • Describe how to create a relation with the public
  • Explain how to manage a discussion.
  • Illustrate how to reply to challenging questions.
  • ​Use some relaxation techniques to manage stress and anxiety.

Duration - Course will start at 9.00 of Friday 17 November and will end at 14.00 of Sunday 19 November. approx. 20 training hours

Methodology - The course is intensive and it is based on experiential learning. Large amount of time will be devoted to hands-on practice and coaching sessions. Performance of participants will be filmed and discussed face-to-face with trainers.

Evening sessions - Some evenings will be devoted to sessions by the fireplace where participants and trainers will be able to exchange experiences on  public speaking. 

Faculty - Sessions will be lead by Barbara Carrai and Gabriela Arcadu

Public Speaking

a Key Tool for Leadership                                       17-19 November 2017, Prato - Italy