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With Geneva Process, 4change is collaborating in new projects in Asia, engaging national stakeholders in dialogue, confidence building and social cohesion.​

       Some activities carried out

  • Towards National Reconciliation in Libya: Supporting the Network of Local Mediators (UNITAR 2020).
  • ​​Workshop for Medical Professionals in the Deep South of Thailand: Supporting Mutual Understanding and Violence Reduction (the Rugiagli Initiative 2013).


4change mediation approach is based on  respect, empathy and transparency of mediators’ motives. Mediation strategy is designed based on an in depth conflict analysis focused on understanding stakeholders interests and motives and prevailing conflict dynamics.

Decision to act in a situation usually follows an invitation by one or more stakeholders or when - through 4change network - a clear window of opportunity for action emerge in a specific area. 

4change usually undertakes field activities during a lull in the armed conflict, or before widespread outbreak of violence. Also, post-conflict situations, where the root causes of the conflict remain unaddressed and reconciliation is constrained, engagement may be helpful to reduce the risks of a renewed outbreak of hostilities.