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4change sees leadership as a process enabling individuals to become aware and to develop their inner capacities and favoring  their personal and professional growth and of the people around them. 

Such approach is built upon a deep self awareness of the leader that allows leading by example; it is based on the capacity of the leader to listen and establish genuine relations among colleagues, to understand when support to a team member is needed or when freedom of action is to be favored and to create an environment where individuals feel free to share ideas and creatively explore new paths.

       Some activities carried out

  • Interpersonal Influence and Leadership. Workshop for the leadership of the Kenyan House of Representatives (UNITAR  2019).
  • ​Public speaking: a key tool for successful leadership. Directed to Kenyan Members of Parliament  (UNITAR 2017).
  • Outdoor Team building/Leadership activity (SKY TV, 2012).

4change offers paths for leaders aimed at increasing their personal awareness and recognizing their inner values and ethical principles inspired by care, altruism, love, genuine happiness, respect for diversity and creativity. This change of  attitude can help the leader to bring out tools and strategies that can support others on the same path and eventually transform the environment they live and work in.

​​Master in Leadership e Spiritualità

Percorso rivolto  a quanti ricoprono ruoli di responsabilità all’interno di istituzioni, imprese, organizzazioni, associazioni, comunità.