In 2013 an independent network of committed physicians, diplomats and practitioners join forces to explore actions for the prevention and abatement of violence in conflicts through working directly with local (in-country) physicians. The network chose the name the Rugiagli Initiative after the location in Tuscany where the first meeting was held. Since the beginning 4change acted as the enabling partner for the implementation of activities.  

Initial efforts were focused on identifying and implementing a pilot project to test and verify assumptions. This led to the implementation of a project in South Thailand where health workers across the conflict line were brought together to explore initiatives to make health more accessible to all, deal effectively with ethical dilemmas and to create space for mutual understanding among communities in conflict. The work developed in South Thailand resulted in a publication released at the end of 2014: Healing Under Fire, available online.

In 2015, 4change took over the experience of the Rugiagli Initiative with the aim of expanding its activities maintaining its core vision and values. Currently the Healing Under Fire Project is exploring the feasibility of implementing activities for Syrian Doctors providing vital health services within the country.

Healing Under Fire Team

The network that founded the Rugiagli Initiative is still in different capacities providing advice, assistance and support to the project.

Project direction and coordination

Healing Under Fire

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